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Do NOT add bark mulch to the outside of your home; Do THIS instead...

Growing up around landscape construction & design - one of the most important things I’ve learned is to AVOID putting bark mulch around the sill plate on the foundation!


Here is why:

• Stone around the foundation will maintain a disconnect between the soil & foundation - keeping everything DRY! Low moisture.

• You can connect the gutters to drainage pipes buried in the crushed stone - providing a place for water to go & not have it run down your house or pool at the foundation!

• It prevents insects from inhabiting and making a home right against or inside your home! Bark mulch is the BEST home for insects and attracts them. 🐜🪲

• It’s low maintenance to have a drip edge with crushed stone that needs NO replacement vs having to mulch every year!! Saving you money 💵


• Construction for width and depth depends on soil conditions

• Add drainage pipes underneath the crushed stone that connect to your gutters and drain

the water AWAY from the house

• Use stone, brick or plastic “wood” to contain the crushed stone 🪨

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