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Cabinet Tips!

✨ Selecting cabinets isn’t as easy as one may think...I found this out the hard way. There are so many different aspects to consider! Here are three questions to ask yourself

🎨 Paint or Stain? This impacts the overall look and feel of your cabinets. Stained cabinets enhance the natural beauty of the wood grain and tend to give off more of a traditional aesthetic. While painted cabinets offer a sleek, more modern look and can be customized in a huge range of colors.

🤔Stock, Semi-Custom, or Custom? This will help determine the level of customization and the quality you can expect. Stock cabinets are pre-made and offer minimal size & design options, semi-custom and custom provide more flexibility in design and sizing to fit your needs.

✨ Do you want to incorporate decorative design elements, like glass panels or a section of open shelves? Adding decorative elements can add personality and visual interest to your cabinets, enhancing the overall look of your space and also serve a functional purpose.

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